JOHN JONIK: Pesticides and U.S. cigarettes

Sadly, there seems to be little interest in the matter of pesticide residues on tobacco, no matter the number of illnesses and deaths related to con­taminated products, and no matter what the rap sheets are for the complicit pesticide manufacturers.

One hundred and forty thousand people are killed annually in the U.S.A. by “smoking” or “tobacco-related disease.” But there’s hardly any tobacco in U.S. cigarettes. What if what really is killing them is pesticide-contaminated dioxin-delivering smoking products and other exposures to those industrial substances?

We need to stop ignoring pesticides in U.S. cigarettes.

Certain radiation-contaminated fertilizers have been “legal” on tobacco for a long time . . . and, despite the radiation being carcinogenic, this mass public endangerment is allowed to continue. And, of course, no rad symbol is required on contaminated products.

Most typical cigarettes contain residues of chlorine pesticides ….

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